Buffalo Nordic Ski Club

Western New York XC Ski Places

When you consider winter sports, XC skiing is one of the most accessible and inexpensive sports you can choose. We are lucky in this area to have amazing options and close spots to ski. Below is a listing of great places to go. Some have links to trail groups and other websites that will help you with more information. More links will be added as time permits but you can find information on these areas using standard search engines. Have fun and see you on the trails.

Allegany State Park - Art Roscoe Ski Area (24 miles)
Allegheny River Valley Trail (5.6 miles)
Amherst State Park (1.5 miles)
Arnot Forest (12 miles)
Beaver Meadow Audubon Center (8 miles)
Black Creek Park (10 miles)
Bryncliff Resort (12 miles)
Buckhorn Island State Park (5.6 miles)
Canadice Lake Trail (6 miles)
Cayuga Nature Center (5 miles)
Como Lake Park (4 miles)
Connecticut Hill (20 miles)
Cumming Nature Center (15 miles)
Durand Eastman Park (5.5 miles)
Emery Park (1.6 miles)
Erie County Forest - Lot 3 (3 miles)
Erie County Forest (15 miles)
Fair Haven Beach State Park (3 miles)
Finger Lakes National Forest (30.5 miles)
Finger Lakes Trail at Letchworth State Park (3.1 miles)
Genesee Country Nature Center (5.9 miles)
Genesee County Park and Forest (6 miles)
Genesee Valley Greenway (Scottsville to Cuylerville)(25 miles)
Gravel Trail Loop (1.8 miles)
Greater Toronto Cross Country Skiing & Snowshoeing Trails (380 miles)
Hamilton & Niagara Peninsula XC Skiing & Snowshoeing (205 miles)
Hamlin Beach State Park (5 miles)
Harriet Hollister Spencer Memorial State Recreation Area (16 miles)
Hi Tor Wildlife Management Area (16 miles)
Howland Island (19.5 miles)
Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge (30 miles)
Keuka Lake Outlet Trail (7.5 miles)
Keuka Lake State Park (7 miles)
Lakeside Beach State Park (3 miles)
Letchworth State Park (East of Genesee River)(18 miles)
Long Point State Park (7 miles)
Mendon Ponds Park - Glacial Area (4.5 miles)
Mendon Ponds Park - Nature Preserve (9 miles)
Mendon Ponds Park - Race Course (8 miles)
Middlesex Valley Rail Trail (6.8 miles)
Mossy Bank Park (3.2 miles)
North Meadow Trail Loop (3 miles)
Northampton Park (7.5 miles)
Oatka Creek Park (6 miles)
Park Station Recreation Area (6.2 miles)
Peek'n Peak (8.6 miles)
Phillips Creek and Palmers Pond State Forests (28 miles)
Powder Mills Park (8 miles)
Quinn Oak Openings (3.1 miles)
Rattlesnake Hill (10 miles)
Reinstein Woods (Ski Rental) (5 miles)
Rusty Nail Ski Trail Loop (2.5 miles)
Sampson State Park (13 miles)
Seneca Park (3 miles)
Sidewinder Trail Loop (3.5 miles)
Sprague Brook Park (3 miles)
Sterling Lakeshore Park & Nature Center (16 miles)
Sweetwater Trail Loop (3.4 miles)
Tanglewood Nature Center - Gleason Meadows (7 miles)
The Red Trail Loop (3 miles)
Tifft Nature Preserve (5 miles)
Tinker Nature Park (2.5 miles)
Turning Point Park (4 miles)
Walton Woods (2.3 miles)
Webster Park (6 miles)
Westside Overland Trail (24 miles)
Yellow Trail Loop (1.5 miles)